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Sur la tradition de recherche du GRESEC

Mis à jour le 10 novembre 2011

► Indeed, there are a few institutions that have a longer tradition of contract
research, and interestingly enough, they are also among the most respected institutions for their theoretical work. For example, the Centre for the Sociology of Innovations, Centre de Sociologie d'Innovations (CSI) in the L'école des Mines in Paris, which does also research in the field of communication, conducts a great deal of research on a contractual basis. So does the most wellknown researcher in the group, Bruno Latour, who is internationally recognised for his strong theoretical works, which have been translated into several languages. The same applies to the GRESEC in Grenoble and its famous long-term leader Bernard Miège. Contract research is part of the laboratory culture: empirical data and experience gained in partner projects are seen as enriching theoretical research, because the empirical findings validate the theoretical concepts. In the 1980s the big contracts with France Télécom helped to stabilise posts in the laboratories. GRESEC has contracts, for example, with different governmental ministries (e.g., education, culture, and road security), territorial collectives and the county hospital, as well as with a local telecommunications operator (for second- and third-generation mobile phone services) in the private sector. Financing from contracts has allowed the research laboratories to employ more researchers, obtain financing for doctoral students, provide students with contacts in the empirical field, and send them to both national and international conferences. GRESEC has also been able to establish a documentation centre for communication studies, and the external funding has allowed them to organise workshops and scientific encounters, in a word, to animate the scientific community.
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